Okay guys, before i give the url to you i wanted to say a bit about it.

This shop contains stickers and pins at the moment. I’ve made all of them. When it comes to the pins, they are completely ONE OF A KIND. As in, i only have one of each because i only make these once. So each pin will be the last type of that pin EVER
As for the stickers, i have more or less. The stickers i can print over and over. (not as scarce) 

BUT ANYWAYS! Enjoy this store and i will have posters and t-shirts up soon soon soon.


  1. ghostes said: I just bought a bunch of stuff! :D
  2. allmymetaphors said: ah yay i just bought some lil cacti stickers:)
  3. witchofthewasted said: i just bought one of your pins! hahaha
  4. fearless-inthenight said: love it! put up more pinsss
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